Remote Learning Resources

Please share with your colleagues your ideas and resources. Send any materials to and we will post them here.

Educational Theatre Association Links

This is a brief guide to help plan programming when you are able to return to school with your students, and to demonstrate to your administration that you can commence activities in your theatre program safely.


Educational Theatre Association has opened to all theatre teachers, regardless of membership, their online professional development platform with many excellent classroom and remote learning resources. Visit the numerous guides to assist with online learning!


An helpful list of resources available online to develop remote learning curricula, including materials from publishers and many other state Thespian chapters.

Texas Thespians Resources

This includes an extensive list of many online resources, from general (i.e. link to the National Theatre Youtube channel and many others) to very specific (i.e. Theatre History curriculum and a Set Design lecture, among many others).

State of Maine VPA Links

MALI- Maine Arts Leadership Initiative

Visit the Maine Arts Commission/MALI Facebook page to see and share remote learning ideas.

MAINE DOE VPA Google Classroom- Remote Learning

From Jason Anderson's email (DOE):As a result of your meetings today, I have established four Google Classrooms for your use as professionals. You will need a NON-SCHOOL email to sign-up… sorry, but that seems to be a parameter determined by many of your district’s domains. The way you can take advantage of these is simple:Direct your browser to the upper right hand corner, click on the “+” and select “join class”.Use the following class code for the room that you want to join:Dance: lnmkdqwVisual Art: pwpd7ruMusic: m3bz7c4Theatre: xpiyjriYou may join any/all rooms. These rooms will be used to share materials/resources/pedagogy, etc. I will moderate/curate the materials as they are posted. I will also post things that may be of use to you going forward. It will also be a great platform to discuss (chat room-style) with each other about the challenges inherent to each of your discipline(s), locales, etc.

Professional Theatre/Film/TV Sources

Thank you to Colorado Thespians, Kentucky Thespians and others* Indicates a recommended source with ample useful information


Portland Stage's Education Director has assembled a very targeted collection of tutorial videos, games and other resources to assist online teaching. Take a look!


A wide collection of filmed productions, artist talks, student resources and more


Lesson Plans from the Kennedy Center

*American Theatre Wing

YouTube Channel with many helpful videos and activities

*Kennedy Center Educational Resources

A variety of videos, play analyses, info about playwrights and more

*Brigham Young University

A wide selection of unit and lesson plans from a leading university theatre program

AATE Resources for Theatre Educators Teaching Online

A Facebook page with many links to helpful sites

A collection of video interviews, conversations and performances


A good collection of articles about a variety of subjects

Digital Theatre +

British Theatre Education Resource, by subscription with 7 day free trial

Folger Shakespeare Theatre

A terrific collection of online lesson plans

Globe Theatre, London

A helpful collection of online resources

This site includes articles and video streaming about a range of topics, including how to continue teaching theatre in the age of Covid-19

National Theatre

YouTube Channel with many useful video lessons


Great Performances videos to stream


Stream Plays and musicals

Royal Shakespeare Company

Many online resources available

Theatre House

Facebook collection of short tech/makeup/costume videos


An excellent collection of resources in all areas of theatre from

Collections of Online Resources

*BYU Theatre Education Curriculum Database

A collection of online resources, curricula, units & lesson plans

Educational Technology Clearinghouse

A useful index of online resources

*Teaching Theatre Online: Loyola Marymount University

Academic analysis of teaching theatre online with terrific list of resources

Another collection of online resources

Unit and Lesson Plans

Storytelling: Object Personification

Online lesson plan created by Colorado Thespians board members Beau Augustin, Mindy Ganz, and Jesse Collett

3-Day NTI Monologue Assignment

Thanks to Kentucky Thespians

3-4 Day Drama Book Assignment

Thanks to Kentucky Thespians

NTI Character Assignment Sketch

Thanks to Kentucky Thespians

NTI Rehearsal Journal

Thanks to Kentucky Thespians

Journeys to ThesCon

A collection of unit and lesson plans from Colorado Thespians

Documentary Theatre

An assignment to research and process current events, and create a piece of theatre based on the findings. Created by Mara Dale, Carrabec High School